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Those with preexisting conditions may not automatically be covered by a group policy. Though group health policies are an affordable insurance solution for individuals who are expensive to insure by individual insurance standards, it require some research into your plan to be sure an preexisting condition is covered. READ MORE >>

In the US, many businesses have eliminated their wellness programs and instead opted for managed care insurance. In reality, however, wellness programs are excellent at helping to create a work environment that is healthy, while also being economically beneficial. READ MORE >>

Insurance providers require businesses to have a minimum number of staff members to qualify for the best rates for health insurance. Many small businesses struggle to provide health insurance because of this stipulation. READ MORE >>

With full implementation just over seven months away, many small-business owners are confused about what the new healthcare law means for their business and their bottom line.  Small businesses already offering healthcare coverage want to know if they can keep their coverage as is, or if the... READ MORE >>

After pay, health insurance is the most important inducement small businesses use to recruit and keep employees motivated. Yet many employers are finding the ability to provide cost effective health insurance more challenging as premiums continue to rise and the options available continue to decrease. READ MORE >>

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